Road News January 2018


For 2018 the iconic Mini gets a range of performance, connectivity and styling updates. 

Performance is enhanced through a reduction in weight, engine revisions, with transmission from either a 6-speed manual gearbox across the range or a new 7-speed Steptronic transmission with double clutch with an electronic selector lever.

Connectivity enhancements result in a smarter use of technology. An example is that by linking the Sat-Nav to the eco-friendly Stop-Start function it can identify situations when it is preferable not to switch off the engine: e.g. when stopping briefly at a junction or entering a roundabout.

It's in the styling area that I think they've made the biggest impact, with one area that will be of particular note, although it may turn  out (no pun intended) to be controversial. The rear indicators now incorporate a stylised portion of the 'Union Jack'. To some (me included) it's an inspired design that embodies all that's British about the Mini, but in the current times I'm also sure some will find reason to dislike it.

We're aiming to bring a more detailed report after having experienced it for our selves.

The new cars will be launched in UK Mini retailers on March 17th 2018.For more details go to;

Why not go along to see for yourself and take a test drive.