Brabham BT62.


On show for the first time in public (OK SMMT Millbrook visitors) was the much awaited Brabham BT62.

A track only car from a company with its sights set firmly on competing in the Le Mans 24 hours in the near future.

The one shown here is the first of the initial batch of 35 cars (70 in total will be constructed), each celebrating one of the 35 Brabham Grand Prix wins from their 70 year participation. Number 12 shown represents the BT19’s 1966 French GP victory and is resplendent in green and gold livery.

The other 34 will similarly have the race number and livery of the car that took victory in the race with the details on the outer edge of the rear wing. A nice touch. Under its carbon fibre and kevlar skin beats a mid-mounted in-house re-engineered naturally aspirated V8 good for circa 700bhp with just under 500lb ft of torque. Price. Expect to pay £1m with owners also joining the Brabham development programme.

Goodwood 76th Members Meeting.


On arrival at the motor circuit all looked promising, and the early qualifying sessions progressed with incident or delay. As the morning wore on the persistently biting cold wind eventually brought the light snow that had been forecast. Unfortunately this coincided with the F5000 demo runs and although the first batch were able to complete their session, albeit in a very restrained manner, batch 2 wasn’t. Ben Mitchell in a Lola Chevrolet T400 slid onto the grass and knocked a corner off the car and brought out the red flags. At this point it was decided to cancel the NASCAR demonstration as well as the Hailwood Trophy (bikes) qualifying until Sunday.

The rest of the qualifying sessions completed without any further off’s although several did find that grip was less than expected and a degree of sideways movement experienced. Gremlins prevented some from finishing their session. The pre and post war ancient machinery providing a wondrous array of eccentricities.

Sunday’s last race, the Sears Trophy, was an absolute cracker. From the flag it was a tight race, A phalanx of Lotus Cortinas being chased by Nick Swift’s Mini. Steve Soper’s Lotus Cotina taking to the grass in Rallycross style but he kept it pointing forwards. Shaun Lynn was less lucky and rolled his Cortina into the barriers on lap 3, the safety car then ran for several laps. At the chequered  flag it was Andrew Jordan in front closely followed by Andy Wolfe with just over 1 second covering the first 4.

Then the snow started to fall again. What a weekend.
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February 2018


VSCC Pomeroy Trophy.


On a bright but determinedly cold Saturday morning VSCC ran its annual Pomeroy Trophy event at Silverstone. Unique in that it welcomes a wide variety of cars. Where else would you see a Bugatti 35 in direct competition in a Toyota Auris CRMN. This being the first time it's has been run in the UK. A collection of four tests; slalom, braking, acceleration and handling (check this) and then a 40 high speed regalarity time trial on the full GP circuit. Again it's not often you see an Austin Maxi dicing in front of the Silverstone's Wing building with a Jaguar D-type.
The overall winner is determined by a labyrinthine series of calculations. The times of the tests and the regularity event  being apart but also car factors are involved. As per the original formula devised in the 1950's by Lawrence Pomeroy. This years victor being Simon Smith in a Lotus Elan.

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Race Retro 2018


Over 23,00 visitors sought out Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire for the 2018 Race Retro event. A combination of indoor exhibition and outdoor live action. Highlights included a cerebration of F1 (the unique Connew taking pride of place), plus tributes to Jaguars past successes at Le Mans. Add in Group B rally cars and assorted two wheeled racing finery and you can begin to understand the shows achievements.
Outside the demonstration Rally stage saw classic Escorts, quattro’s, Mini’s along with those from the  Group B era, strutting their stuff. Place of honour going to Miki Biasion, as he took to the wheel of a Lancia Fulvia when the planned Delta suffered gremlins.
Also using the stage and dodging the muddy bits were members of the British Historic Kart Club.

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January 2018.


VSCC New Year Driving Tests, Brooklands.

The internationally famous Brooklands site in Weybridge, Surrey, England was the setting for the Vintage Sports Car Clubs (VSCC) first event of 2018. The New Year Driving Tests saw over 40 vehicles tackle 12 tests across the Brooklands site including the infamous ‘Test Hill’ with its 1:4 gradient and the original 1907 Finishing Straight. Relying more on dexterity and accuracy rather than outright speed there’s no need for nomex suits or helmets.  Hence several cars being shared with family members for added enjoyment. Overall winner was Edward Williams in a Frazer Nash Super Sports, with many remembering the way in which Katie Forrest piloted her resplendent 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost through the tests in near silence.

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MGJ Winter Stages Rally. The Chelmsford Motor Club were the organisers of round 4 of the Motorsport News Rally Championship 2017-18 at Brands Hatch. Despite persistent rain a good crowd watched as drivers negotiated 45 miles arranged around the Brands Hatch facility, including going in a reverse direction to 'normal' and using the paddock and pit lane. At the close of play Mark Kelly and co-driver Andy Baker in a Ford Escort Mk2 took the top honours.





Autosport 2018 and the Performance Car Show kicked off the 2018 season for fans from acroos the UK. featuring motorsport across the spectrum from F1 to grass roots racing.

From historic/classic machinery to the latest Formula-e. From circuit racing - twisty, ovals, grassy and tarmac topped. Off road trials, Rallying, tractor pulling. There was something for everyone.

All topped off with a preview of what's new and exciting in the multifarious seasons championships. 


Along with an opportunity to meet champions from 2017 there was time to listen to those from previous times; Nigel Mansell OBE, just one of the stars attending.

For those wanting more active entertainment, there was a chance to experience drifting Ginetta's, sliding Karts, or trying out a selection of Abarths latest.


The Live Action Arena gave a great show of light and noise with a great variety of vehicles; stock cars, NASCAR, drifters, culminating in stunt driving extravaganzas by Terry Grant. This later featured Billy Monger who won the appreciation of the crowd.